August 25, 2013 – CPE Program Resources

Program Location: Magnolia, AR

eli_vinsonSession 1:

Infectious Disease: Insect Vectors
ACPE# 0004-0000-13-315-L01-P           1.5 Contact Hours
This CPE activity will be knowledge based.
Presented by Eli Vinson, PharmD – Director of Pharmacy Education, UAMS AHEC South Arkansas
At the completion of this CPE activity, participants will be able to:
• Identify potential insects associated with commonly seen infections.
• Describe symptoms or reactions following exposure to insects native to the area.
• Recommend empirical treatment for infections associated with insects native to the area.
• List preventative measures to avoid exposure and subsequent infection associated with common insects.

Infectious Disease Handouts pdf

Important Links

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

jan_hastingsSession 2:

Review of OTC Therapies in Constipation: Active Learning Session
ACPE# 0004-0000-13-316-L01-P           1.5 Contact Hours
This CPE activity will be application based.
Presented by Jan Hastings, PharmD, FAPhA – Professor, Associate Dean for Development – UAMS
At the completion of this CPE activity, participants will be able to:
• Explain physiological and behavioral causes of constipation in a specific patient.
• Recommend pharmacologic therapy based on specific causes of constipation.
• Recommend general nonpharmacologic therapy to treat or prevent constipation.
• Work cooperatively in a team-based learning environment to make appropriate treatment recommendations for specific patients.

Handouts of Slides  pdf

Online Article Suggestions:

Pharmacist’s Letter. (2013)  Let’s Get Going: What Helps for Constipation [Online] 29(4):290410

Pharmacist’s Letter. (2013)  Constipation [Online] (29)

(If you are not a UAMS preceptor or do not have access to Pharmacists Letter please contact our office for additional articles to reference.)

Constipation Myths Poster  pdf  English Version

Constipation Myths Poster pdf  Spanish Version