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Needs Assessment Worksheet

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  • Purpose: To aid the planners of a CPE activity in performing a needs assessment that is compliant with the expectations of an educational activity accredited for ACPE credit.

    When should it be used? The needs assessment is the first step in developing an educational activity. It is the stage of planning where you determine:

      Who is your learner (target audience)?

      What problems or issues does the target audience have in their professional practice?

      When do they have the problem?

      Is it a problem of their knowledge (not knowing), application (cannot apply the knowledge), performance (cannot or do not do) or patient outcome (patient population data is not what it should be)?

      What is the underlying reason for the problem?

      If the problem did not exist, what would that look like (the ideal)?

      Where is the targeted audience or patient population in relation to the ideal?

    A well-thought out needs assessment is essential for identifying knowledge and/or practice gaps. The activity’s content is then designed to address these gaps.

    Who should use it? This worksheet should be used by the planning committee, if there is one, or by the primary individual who is responsible for planning the CPE activity.

    Why should you use it? Many planners are not familiar with how a CPE activity must be planned, nor the documentation required in order to be compliant with the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the accrediting agency that governs accredited providers. Much work and time may be invested in preparing a CPE application, only to have it denied for lack of evidence of a good needs assessment. This worksheet will aid the planners in developing a CPE activity that will be compliant with ACPE standards.

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  • Who is your learner and what are their characteristics?
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