COPH Calender

Fall Semester 2018 
P4 Registration begins **no face-to-face registration**Monday, April 2
P4 First DayTuesday, May 1
P4 Tuition & Fees and Change ChecksTuesday, May 15
August Graduation4-Aug
P1 New Student OrientationAugust 6-8
Registration: P1 **no face-to-face registration**Opens Monday, July 16
Registration: P2 & P3 **no face-to-face registration**Opens Monday, July 16
P3 NW Campus Onsite required orientation – P17August 8 (10 a.m.-5 p.m.)
P1 IPE Exposure Workshop @ 1-4 p.m.August 8, 13 and 15
P1, P2, & P3 First Day of SemesterThursday, August 9
Last Day to Register or Drop/Add a class15-Aug
White Coat Ceremony (P1s)24-Aug
P1, P2, & P3 Tuition & Fees and Change ChecksThursday, August 23
Labor Day Holiday3-Sep
AAHP Fall Seminar (Little Rock) – Student Day – NO CLASSES Friday, October 12
IPE Triple Aim Presentations and Competence Workshop (Afternoon only-P3s)Friday, October 19
Fall Break (P1, P2, &P3s) (APhA MRM –October 12-14)October 11-12
Veteran’s Day Holiday (observed)Monday, November 12
Thanksgiving HolidayNovember 22-23
Study DayThursday, December 6
Final Exams (Ther II PCEP Final on 11/28)December 7-14
P3 Law Review and Exam-Dates tentativeDec 5 (Review), Dec 10 (Exam)
P1, P2, P3, & P4 Last Day of Semester21-Dec
December Graduation22-Dec

Spring Semester 2019 
P1, P2, P3 & P4 First Day of Semester **no face-to-face registration**Wednesday, January 2
P1 CPR Training - Group CThursday, January 8th, 1-4:30 p.m., EDII 8121
Last Day to Register or Drop/Add a classTuesday, January 8
P4 Summative Exam 2 (Little Rock, only)January 9-11
P1 CPR Training - Group BThursday, January 10th, 1-4:30 p.m., EDII G137
P1, P2, P3, & P4 Tuition & Fees and Change ChecksWednesday, January 16
P1 CPR Training - Group AThursday, January 16th, 1-4:30 p.m., EDII G137
Martin Luther King Holiday21-Jan
Career Fair: P1s(9:00), P2s(9:40), P3s(10:30), & P4s(11:30) P4 Interviews @1:30-5:00 (Jan 25) & @ 9:00-4:00 TBD
Presidents’ Day/Daisy Bates Holiday18-Feb
Spring Break (APhA March 22-25, 2019 )March 22-29
P3 Pinning Ceremony LuncheonsTBD
P2 and P3 Study DayWednesday, April 10
P2 and P3 Final ExamsApril 11-16
P3 APPE Orientation-RequiredWednesday, April 17
P2 Summative Exam 1Thursday, April 18
P2 IPPE Orientation - RequiredFirday, April 19
P3 PCOA ExamFriday, April 19
P1 Study DayThursday, April 25
P1 Final ExamsApril 26-May 2
P1 IPPE Orientation-RequiredFriday, May 3
P4 NAPLEX Prep Course – REQUIRED attendanceThursday, May 9
P4 Last Day of SemesterFriday, May 17
Honors ConvocationFriday, May 17
Commencement CeremonySaturday, May 18
P1, P2, & P3 Last Day of SemesterP1: 5/9, P2 & P3: 5/23

Introductory Practice Experiences Calendar 2019 
P1-Community-IPPE: Session AMay 20-June 7
P1-Community IPPE: Session BJune 10-June 28
P2-Institutional IPPE: Session AMay
P2-Institutional IPPE: Session BJune
P2-Institutional IPPE: Session CJuly