Administrative Staff Recognition Recipient

The College of Pharmacy recognizes our inaugural recipient of the College’s Staff Appreciation Program, Suzan Bailey! Suzan serves as the Education Coordinator in the Pharmaceutical Evaluation and Policy Division.

Suzan Bailey with Dean Cindy Stowe            1st Quarter 2020 Recipient

Here some of the comments provided in Suzan’s nominations.

  • Ms. Bailey does a phenomenal job of supporting faculty members and students. She goes above and beyond the normal support functions to ensure every member of PEP, CIR and NEO are supported so they in turn can do the jobs most important to keep the divisions functioning.
  • Suzan is one of the best parts of our department. She goes out of her way to ensure students are included. Not only in the day-to-day operations of the department, but she also plans celebrations around the holidays of our native countries. She is so great about making us feel at home, when we are actually so far away from home.
  • Suzan couldn’t be more helpful! She’s smart as a whip and helpful to everyone, including faculty, staff, students, and more. She’s a true asset to our group.
  • Suzan goes the extra mile to assist her faculty, staff and students to accomplish whatever task is thrown her way. She is extremely resourceful at solving problems and does not allow a job description to limit what role she plays on the team. There is no way CIR would be as productive as we are without her admin support.
  • Suzan has been very helpful with all administrative work including our PEP graduate program. She is always willing to go extra miles to support PEP faculty and students’ needs. PEP becomes a lot more organized and we know where to find stuff! I believe that she deserves this recognition.
  • Suzan is very enthusiastic and organized with her work. She thinks and plans ahead, many times even before I ask her. And she is always very responsive to our requests. She has put tireless efforts organizing PEP student events, which made them feel more at home.
  • Suzan is a very organized and highly motivated coordinator in our department. She looks after the administrative work effectively and is equally concerned about the students and is always there for anyone’s assistance. The enthusiasm with which she takes initiative in organizing events for the department makes her an all-rounder. Suzan plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the department and surely deserves recognition for the same.

Suzan – we appreciate all that you do – THANK YOU!