March 21, 2013

Student Profile – Kristen Glover ’16

Hometown:  Stuttgart, Ark.
Undergraduate major/university:  B.S. in Chemistry/Ouachita Baptist University

Background & Reason for Choosing Pharmacy
Although I grew up in a small town, I don’t think I am your average “small town” girl.  I have always set big goals and worked hard to achieve them.  I was accepted to pharmacy school in 2011, but soon after won the title of Miss Arkansas.  UAMS postponed my acceptance for a year, allowing me to tour the state of Arkansas and compete in the 2012 Miss America pageant.

By choosing pharmacy as my career path, I am allowed to further my chemistry education in a way that will directly help and serve others.  I love the patient interaction and varied health care opportunities that come with a pharmacy career.

Choosing UAMS
I believe the College of Pharmacy at UAMS does an excellent job of connecting students with Arkansas’s pharmacy network.  Because I want to live in Arkansas long term, it is important for me to make job connections during school so that I am one step closer to employment after graduation.  Although we have several students from out of state attending UAMS, it is an obvious choice for an Arkansas resident.

Community service is highly encouraged at UAMS and I love being involved in our student organizations.  I have been involved with several service projects including free health screenings, visiting elders, speaking to elementary classrooms, promoting National Pharmacists Month, and volunteering for National Drug Take Back Day.  We are one of the most active colleges in the nation and positively impact the state of Arkansas.

Advice for Prospective Students
Find upperclassmen and exchange contact information.  You will want to ask for advice when deciding where to live, which books to buy, how to study for exams, etc.  You definitely want a mentor before and during pharmacy school!  It just makes life much better. The College of Pharmacy recruiter can help connect you to current pharmacy students. Also, each class of students is on the same, rigorous track for the first three years in the classroom.  Because all the courses are together, classmates begin to feel like family.  After one semester, everyone has learned how to help each other study by often sharing notes and study guides.

Favorite Course
This is an unusual answer, but I liked Health Care Systems from my first semester.  I enjoy politics and appreciated the discussions throughout the course.  You will take several classes outside of the sciences, which will help you to better understand the professional and political atmosphere of health care.