Campus Assignment Policy

All students accepting admission to the College of Pharmacy are made aware of the fact that they will be placed at either the Little Rock campus or the regional campus in northwest Arkansas for a period of up to two years. Students receive information concerning both campuses during their admissions interview process. All students interviewed for admission to the College of Pharmacy are made aware of the possibility of placement at either campus, the necessity for travel to that site, their need to provide living quarters and meet other expenses associated with living in their assigned campus location. Students will complete their campus preference form during the interview process.

Students will be admitted to the College of Pharmacy independent of their campus preference.In the event that there are an insufficient number of admitted students for available campus openings at either campus, selected students may be assigned via random lottery as needed to meet campus balance. The student’s acceptance letter will state the assigned campus.

Even swap and Reassignment requests based on extenuating circumstances may be accepted as outlined below:

Even Swap Procedures

After the assignment process for admitted students is complete, students that wish to change campus assignment may arrange a “swap” with a classmate. When a student identifies someone to swap with, both students wishing to swap must:
1. Write a letter requesting a swap.
2. Each letter must contain the name of the student you are swapping with.
3. Each letter must be emailed from the student’s UAMS email account to the Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs or their Designee
Even swap requests will be permitted until July 1st prior to the P3 year.

Reassignment Requests

Extreme extenuating circumstances may be the basis for a campus reassignment. Students must submit the College of Pharmacy Reassignment request form to the Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs their reasons with all appropriate documentation for making a request to change campuses. The Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs will forward these requests to the Campus Assignment Committee for review. The committee will be composed of at least 7 voting members, including at least 4 Faculty members appointed by the Dean and 3 student members (the President of the P2, P3, and P4 classes with the Vice-President serving as alternates). The committee will decide whether campus reassignment will be granted and will forward this decision to the Associate Dean of Administrative within ten working days of receipt of the request. The Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs or Designee will notify the student in writing of the committee’s decision within five days of notification of the committee’s decision. Appeals related to this process will be handled as outlined under the Student Grievance and Appeal section of the Catalog and Student Handbook.

Attending Class on the Unassigned Campus Procedures

Students wishing to attend class on a one time basis on their unassigned campus must make an e-mail request to the Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs at least one week prior to the date the student wishes to attend class on the opposite campus. If approved, the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs or their Designee will notify the student via email at least 24 hours prior to the class date requested. In case of exceptional circumstances, requests can be made less than one week before the date of attendance but circumstances must be significant enough to warrant approval outside these written guidelines.

Students Not Progressing on Time

Students failing to progress on time will be reassigned to meet goals for campus balance