MS Requirements

The students must complete the core curriculum requirements for the PEP-Track including core didactic courses, 3 semesters of seminar (1 credit hour each), plus at least 6 credit hours of thesis research.

Students will typically take the following course sequence over 2 academic years and must successfully complete and defend a thesis.

PEP-Track Curriculum

PSGP 5116 Foundations of Pharmaceutical Evaluation and Policy Research Methods (3 hrs.)
BIOS 5013 Biostatistics I (3 hrs.)
BIOS 5212 Biostatistics II (3 hrs.)
BIOM 5173 Epidemiology I (3 hrs.)
PSGP 5109 Pharmaceutical Evaluation and Policy Seminar (1 hr.)
PSGP 5121† U.S. Health Care System (3 hrs.)
PHSC 3612‡ Drug Information (2 hrs.)

At least 2 of the following departmental core courses (Courses to be offered every other year):

PSGP 5118 Applied Research Methods using Retrospective Data (3 hrs.)
PSGP 5119 Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment (3 hrs.)
PSGP 5122 Applied Health Econometrics (3 hrs.)
PSGP 5123 Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (3 hrs.)
PSGP 6113 Pharmacoepidemology (3 hrs.)

indicates didactic course required for non U.S. trained health care professionals
indicates didactic course required for students without prior degree in any health field (pharmacy, medicine, nursing, etc.)

Core Course Descriptions

Elective Courses

A curriculum for electives will be based on student interest and the direction of the major professor.  For Elective Course descriptions, please view the links to the graduate school catalog and the College of Public Health catalog below.

Graduate School Course Catalog

College of Public Health Course Catalog