Financial Information

The PEP division anticipates being able to admit and fund 1 to 4 students per academic year on a competitive basis. Students admitted to the doctoral program can be funded as Teaching Assistants (TAs) or Research Assistants (RAs) depending on the experiences of the candidate and availability of funds. Students are compensated up to $25,000 / year and tuition waivers are typically provided to students offered funding. ALL students who apply for admission to the doctoral program will automatically be considered for funding. Licensed pharmacist may also work on a part or full time basis to supplement their income while studying in the program. If a student has other support for their educational expenses and can document that support in the case of foreign applicants, they can request admissions without funding, but this request will not affect their chances of being offered funding. In addition to Internal funding as an RA or TA, applicants are encouraged to compete for extramural grants to fund or supplement their educational expenses.  The PEP graduate program also offers a health policy fellowship at the Arkansas Center for Health Care Improvement, that state’s leading health policy organization that provides a full stipend to assist the state in health policy development and evaluation. We have also identified selected grant programs that offer support for students studying in this field.

Funding is not provided to those applying for an M.S. as a terminal degree. Only applicants that have a foreign stipend, are self-funded, are employed by the military, or have any other source of external funding are considered for admission to the M.S. program. Applicants to the M.S. program must provide valid proof of funding covering tuition and living expenses for the entire duration of the program before being admitted.

Mechanisms of Student Funding: