Community-Based Residency

Congratulations Class of 2020!

We are so proud of all the accomplishments of our residents this past year. Here are just a few to highlight their contributions, success, and growth over the year!

Andrew San Juan – Our first resident to secure an APhA Foundation grant for his work on integrating community pharmacy practice and primary care

Tyler Walsh – Our first resident to be awarded American Association Colleges of Pharmacy Walmart Scholarship Fund to be part of the Walmart Scholars Program. This program strengthens the recipient’s skills and commitment to a career in academic pharmacy.

Jane Jeon – Developed interprofessional training on diabetes management for Walmart Care centers, is true “go-getter” that sets her apart from the many new pharmacists who are ready to conquer the world.

Nneka Soribe – Created tools for use in specialty and retail stores nationwide, is gifted with the skill of being an active listener and had tremendous growth in self-confidence this year.

Jordan Talley – Developed and implemented several new pharmacy services (ie travel immunization and dispill), had remarkable growth in reflection and self-awareness, and cultivated new relationships for future business partners.

  • Duration/Type:                         12 months/residency
  • Number of Positions:               5
  • Starting Date:                            July 1st

Program Description

This residency provides the opportunity to gain clinical experience and provide patient care in a community-based pharmacy practice setting. Residents will gain the tools they need to be leaders in community pharmacy practice with expertise in the development and delivery of patient care services. Residents will work with experienced practitioners and business leaders to implement and study the effectiveness of new programs, enhance existing services and enhance educational skills through didactic and experiential teaching. Residents will also learn how to deliver enhanced clinical services in the community pharmacy setting including, but not limited to, MTM, transitions of care, and chronic care management.

Residents will match with one of several sites across the state of Arkansas. Each residency site has a residency site coordinator who serves as the primary point of contact for the practice site. This person oversees the training of the resident and coordinates with other preceptors to ensure learning experiences are progressing. Monthly audio-visual conference calls allows for sharing of practice experiences with co-residents across the state. This program partners with University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy, which provides a Teaching Certificate and Research Certificate program to all residents. Click here to learn more about the Teaching Certificate Program.

Learn more about each of our sites:




Bryant Family Pharmacy

Grants Received

Andrew San Juan, PharmD
Project: Primary Care Diabetes Program Incorporates Community Pharmacists To Improve Patient Outcomes
Site: Kroger
Grant:  2020 APhA Foundation Incentive Grant

Learning Experiences

  • Patient Care Services
  • Patient-Centered Dispensing
  • Pharmacy Operations Management
  • Clinical Practice Management
  • Practice-Based Projects
  • Teaching and Facilitation
  • Preceptorship
  • Personal and Professional Development


Each resident will receive:

  • Competitive annual stipend
  • Paid vacation, state holidays and professional leave for attendance of state and national meetings
  • Free life, health, and liability insurance
  • Tuition discount for undergraduate and graduate courses (If desired)

For more information contact:

Megan Smith, PharmD, BCACP
Residency Program Director
Phone: (501)526.7787
Fax: (501)296.1168