Past Residents


Brianna Rhodes, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist – Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System

Dr. Rhodes will be practicing as a Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist within the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System.


Kate Lutek, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist –  South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS)
San Antonio, TX

Dr. Lutek will practice at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System as a PACT Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. In this position, she will provide disease state management in diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, anticoagulation and heart failure at a Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC). The position will also include opportunities to precept students and residents, facilitate a hypertension group education class for patients, and provide continuing education presentations for other healthcare providers.

Stephanie White, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist – Lumberton Drug Company
Location: Lumberton, NC

As Lumberton Drug Company’s first clinical pharmacist, Stephanie will help bridge the connection between the community pharmacy and a local physicians office. Stephanie’s goal is to generate enough revenue to both meet and then exceed a pharmacists salary, ultimately supporting the need for a second clinical pharmacist. Services to generate revenue include, but are not limited to, Medicare annual wellness visits, comprehensive medication reviews, referrals for personalized pain creams, diabetes management, and more. Stephanie will track her impact and through improving physician score quality of care metrics will also generate revenue. Through collaborative practice agreements, Stephanie will make clinical interventions with the goal of simultaneously incorporating clinical services into the community pharmacy workflow in order to help improve more patients lives. This position is incentive based so Stephanie will have a base salary and then incentive pay based on the additional revenue brought into the pharmacy. As the position focuses less on fee for services and more on quality of care improvement, it aligns well with the future direction of the field of pharmacy.