March 21, 2013

Student Profile – Cora Housley ’16

Cora Housley - 2
Hometown: Russellville, Ark.
Undergraduate major/university:  B.S. Biology & minor in Chemistry/ Arkansas Tech University

Background & Reason for Choosing Pharmacy as a Career Path
I graduated from Russellville High School and began attending Arkansas Tech University with dreams of going to medical school. While attending school, I began working as a pharmacy technician to see what pharmacy was about. I quickly learned that it was much more than counting pills and decided that pharmacy was a perfect match for me. A fundamental part of my decision to be a pharmacist was based on observing my pharmacist in action. Her patients rely on her not only for pharmaceutical dispensing, but also for medical counseling, emotional support, and friendship. My desire is to fulfill that same role in hundreds of lives with my own Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Choosing UAMS
My initial attraction to UAMS was that it is not far from home, but it has so much more to offer. UAMS has one of the most diverse programs and is one of only a few colleges that have a nuclear pharmacy option. It has wonderful faculty that are invested in the future of their students. UAMS is also very involved in national organizations and has one of the top ranked programs in the United States.

Leadership Roles & Involvement on Campus
I am on a committee that is planning a service project for the first year pharmacy and medical school students. We are collaborating to organize a screening at a local free clinic to utilize the skills we have learned to benefit our community. The College of Pharmacy has very high chapter involvement in national organizations. I am involved with the American Pharmacists Association this year which is a great opportunity to network, make new friends, and travel the country. I also have a job on campus working in the Evidence Based Prescription Drug Program office. The pharmacists that I work with share any interesting findings in their research, which keeps me informed about new studies happening in the world of pharmacy.

Advice for Prospective Students
My advice to incoming students is to make sure you have a solid background in your biological and physical sciences. Your first semester requires you to recall all of the information you learned in undergraduate school, so make sure you do not take it lightly.

Something That Surprised You About Pharmacy School
I had heard that the first year of pharmacy school was mostly building on your prerequisite classes. I was not expecting to get real pharmacy practice so quickly. During the first semester, we have already learned how to take blood pressure and administer glucose tests, participated in health screenings, and worked on basic counseling skills.

Favorite Course
My favorite class so far has been Pharmaceutical Calculations. Dr. Reinhardt is great to work with, and I feel confident that I can perform any calculation my job will require.