March 21, 2013

Student Profile – Dylan Jones ’15


Dylan Jones 2

Hometown: Conway, Ark.
Undergraduate major/university:  B.S. Biology/ University of Arkansas Fayetteville

Reason for Choosing Pharmacy as a Career Path
Pharmacy was the right career path for me because of its job satisfaction and flexibility.  It will allow me to utilize my healthcare training in a way that directly benefits the community, yet it still provides the flexibility to do the other things I want to do in life that might be sacrificed if I pursued other healthcare professions.

Choosing UAMS
I decided to attend UAMS after realizing how widely recognized it is nationally for the quality of its program.  I knew it was a good value, but I did not realize how respected it was in the pharmacy community. I feel very lucky to have the opportunities UAMS provides for its students.   Our school strongly supports student involvement in professional organizations, and provides financial reimbursement to students for attending regional and national meetings. Our College of Pharmacy recognizes the value of these meetings, and does everything possible to facilitate students to attend.

Plans after Graduation
I’m most interested in clinical and community pharmacy, but I haven’t necessarily ruled out other areas of specialization.  What is so great about a degree in pharmacy is that I will have the opportunity to pursue a large variety of career paths when I graduate.

Advice for Prospective Students
The best advice I could offer to an entering pharmacy school student is to be prepared to treat school like it is your job.  The course load is manageable as long as you do your part outside of the classroom each day.

Favorite Course
My favorite class so far is Therapeutics because it begins to pull everything you learn in previous classes together.  It is the class that makes you actually start feeling like a pharmacist.