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The UAMS College of Pharmacy will accept online courses for all prerequisite requirements for spring, summer, and fall 2020 semesters. Any prerequisite course may also be taken as a letter grade, pass/fail, or credit/no credit. Due to national test center closures and uncertainty of availability of test dates, the PCAT will not be required for applicants from March 13, 2020 to the end of the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. Applicants applying for fall 2021 entry are not required to take the PCAT.

All applications are processed through PharmCAS and are accepted no later than 10:59 pm Central Standard Time on May 3, 2021 for the class entering the following fall semester. All applicants with a completed and verified PharmCAS application and selected for interview will be provided the information about supplemental application materials on an invitation only basis. There is a $100.00 supplemental fee that is neither refundable nor credited toward tuition/registration fees.

PharmCAS Application

Applicants may apply at PharmCAS. Please read the “Prepare Yourself to Apply” page which includes PharmCAS instructions, checklist, and applicant code of conduct.

Application Checklist

Applicants should use the application checklist on the PharmCAS website here for a step-by-step checklist of required application items to PharmCAS. All official transcripts from each institution attended and references should be sent directly to PharmCAS. Use the Transcript Request Form from within the PharmCAS application in the Colleges Attended link and select the print button to download the form. Applicants do not need to send official transcripts to UAMS College of Pharmacy, unless specifically requested by the college.

Early Decision Applications

The UAMS College of Pharmacy accepts early decision applications. The deadline for early decision applicants for Fall 2021 is September 7, 2020. PharmCAS applications should be e-submitted along with all other application items by the deadline. Applicants may only apply early decision to one pharmacy college (their first choice), and if accepted by that college, they are obligated to accept the offer. They will not be permitted to apply to other pharmacy colleges through PharmCAS. If applicants are denied early admission, their applications will be rolled over for consideration during regular admission.

Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)

Due to COVID-19, the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is not required for fall 2021 admissions; however, applicants with lower GPAs may take the exam if they wish to do so. Contact the admissions office at with any questions about taking the PCAT. The test is given at several locations throughout the state and information may be obtained here. The PCAT may be taken more than once at the discretion of the applicant. Download the Candidate Information Booklet on the PCAT website for specific details about the exam, and review page 5 to see the PCAT test blueprint.

Other Admissions Tests

The following admissions tests will be accepted in lieu of the PCAT.




All applicants with a grade point average of 2.50 (as calculated by PharmCAS without grade forgiveness), or above, on their overall college record, a minimum composite percentile of 30 on the PCAT and a minimum grade of “C” in each of the pre-pharmacy course requirements, are eligible for consideration for interview and possible admission to the College of Pharmacy. PharmCAS and the UAMS College of Pharmacy does not include grade forgiveness in GPA calculations. This means that all repeated coursework and original grades will be included in the GPA calculation and not replaced. When the application is complete and verified in PharmCAS, applicants selected for interview will be notified and provided the supplemental application information. Selection of students will be made on the basis of the applicant’s previous scholastic and aptitude records, personal interview, letters of recommendation, essay and PCAT scores as applicable in comparison with those of other applicants. Applicants must have completed at least eight hours of General Chemistry I and II (six hours of lecture and two hours of lab) and four hours of Organic Chemistry I (three hours of lecture and one hour of lab) with a grade of “C” or better, pass, or credit by the application deadline. For the entering class of 2021, all pre-pharmacy courses must be completed and official transcripts received by July 1, 2021. In some circumstances, the Admissions Committee may allow an applicant to complete a pre-pharmacy course during the summer I session of 2021.

Credit Hours and Financial Aid

Please note, a student has to have earned 72 semester credit hours of combined preprofessional and graduate coursework to be eligible to receive graduate level federal financial aid. Applicants with less than 72 hours will be designated at the undergraduate level for financial aid purposes.


Click the link below for a thorough explanation of the UAMS College of Pharmacy Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) admission process.

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The College will use a modified rolling admissions process for Fall 2021 admission. Applicants with complete and verified PharmCAS applications and selected by the Committee will be invited to interview during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Admissions Committee meetings will be scheduled after interview dates as needed with some letters of acceptance being offered. Final consideration for the admitted class will be in early June 2021 after interview dates and other application folder updates have occurred. Applicants with an incomplete folder or who do not have their coursework complete and verified in PharmCAS at the time of the final May 2021 Admissions Committee meeting will not be considered. Consult the “Important Dates for Fall 2020-2021 Admissions” on this website for more information.

If an applicant has been accepted or placed on the alternate list, he/she may be denied admission prior to or at the time of enrollment if (1) the applicant fails to keep his/her file current; (2) the GPA shows a significant drop; (3) the applicant receives any grade of “D” or “F” during the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 semesters or if the applicant withdraws from any coursework during the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 semesters; or (4) information is received indicating that his/her character is such that he/she is not suited for the responsibility and privileges found in the practice of pharmacy. Any offer of admission is for the academic year 2021-22 only.


The UAMS College of Pharmacy has two types of tuition waivers for non-resident applicants who are admitted to the college. The academic tuition waiver is granted to academically qualified non-resident applicants and will allow them to pay in-state tuition rates for the entirety of the the professional curriculum.

The diversity tuition waiver is granted to admitted applicants who are from underrepresented minority (URM) backgrounds (NativeAmerican, Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, African American) and will allow them to pay in-state tuition rates for the entirety of the the professional curriculum.

Applicants who legally reside in Bowie or Cass counties in Texas may also qualify for a border county waiver. Admitted applicants who are awarded this waiver must apply for it each year of their professional program.

The UAMS College of Pharmacy also provides border state tuition rates for admitted applicants who reside in any of the six bordering states (MO, MS, LA, OK, TN, TX) to Arkansas. Border state tuition is 1.25X resident tuition rates.

Letters of Recommendation

As detailed on the school page in PharmCAS, all applicants must present three references – two must be from college professors who have taught the applicant in class and one reference may be of the student’s choice. No personal recommendations will be considered. Committee references from several faculty members in the departments of biology/chemistry will count as the two required references from faculty members and are valued by the Admissions Committee. If the applicant’s college has a Committee reference program, applicants are strongly urged to use the Committee reference.

English Proficiency

The TOEFL exam is strongly recommended for all applicants for whom English is a second language. TOEFL scores may not be more than 2 years old. A minimum score of 80 on the internet based exam is considered acceptable. TOEFL scores should be released directly to PharmCAS (code 8246). Information on testing sites and scheduling may be obtained from the TOEFL website: or from

International Students and DACA Students

The UAMS College of Pharmacy will consider only applicants who are U.S. citizens or have a valid Permanent Resident/Resident Alien card as of the application deadline. The applicant must submit a copy of the Permanent Resident/Resident Alien card with their supplemental application and present the original document to the Admissions Office at the time of interview. DACA students are eligible to apply, but they should check with the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy to ensure that they will be able to acquire a student pharmacist internship license.